Senger Naturwelt | Cuddly Animal - Beige Rabbit
Senger Naturwelt | Cuddly Animal - Beige Rabbit
Senger Naturwelt | Cuddly Animal - Beige Rabbit


Senger Naturwelt | Cuddly Animal - Beige Rabbit

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Senger Naturwelt Cuddly Beige Rabbit is the softest cuddly toy that also doubles as a gentle warming pillow! Senger Beige Rabbit features a soft cotton outer layer, organic filling, sewn on eyes and a nose and designed especially for little hands to grasp. Head and feet are filled with lambswool and the skin is made from cotton.

Senger Cuddly Rabbit comes in one size: 

  • Small Beige Rabbit comes with a removable thermal pillow filled with cherry stones, hidden inside a zippered pocket that helps ease sleeplessness and tummy aches when gently warmed.

To use as a warming pillow, place the insert in the oven at low temperature (DO NOT microwave). The cherry pit insert of the small goose can also be cooled in a freezer to help ease teething pain. Instructions are provided with each toy.


  • Small : 18" x 14.5" x 4.3"
  • Material : Organic cotton, organic lambswool filling
  • Made in Germany

Care Instruction :

  • Hand wash only . Lay flat to dry . Do not wring
Instructions for use:
  • To warm up, please remove the cherry or grape seed cushion, because only this may be heated, not the entire cuddly toy. Simply open the zipper at the bottom of the animal's belly. The pillow can then be used at 75 degrees about 3-5 minutes in the oven. Take urgent care not to get too hot, otherwise there is a risk of burn on the skin or the risk of overheating in newborns. Also, the cherry seed or grape seed cushion should not be heated too long or too much, otherwise the pillow can begin to burn. Not suitable for babies under two months!

WARNING! Fire Danger, do not heat pillow in microwave, only suitable for warming in the oven due to fire risk.

Note : We are not liable for color bleed. Exchange and refund is not possible once it has been through a wash.