CollectA Figurine : Donkey
CollectA Figurine : Donkey
CollectA Figurine : Donkey
CollectA Figurine : Donkey


CollectA Figurine : Donkey

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Included : 1 Donkey

Approx : L 11 x W 3.3 x H 8.1 cm

CollectA’s Donkey is sculpted in a walking position with a predominately grey coat, black mane and shoulder stripe, and a white muzzle and underside. Its ears are erect and it looks downwards as it walks. This donkey model is perfect for your imaginative farm play.

Donkeys closely resemble horses and zebras, but their specific physical characteristics set them apart from their close relatives. Donkeys tend to be smaller than most horses. Also, donkey ears are typically much longer than those of horses. Donkey manes are stiff and upright, tails are covered with short hair until the end, which ends with a brush of longer hair.

This true to life, scaled-down Donkey is perfect for use in dioramas and other display projects. Excellent for educational purposes, and gaining deeper knowledge of actual animals. As one of the major architects of toy animal replicas, CollectA uses role-play for learning: our mission is building a natural world in miniature. Suitable for Ages 3 and Up.

Part of the Farm Animals Series by CollectA. Hand Painted.

Made of durable synthetic material.

Direct parental supervision is required during play and use of this product. This product should be checked each time prior to use and must be discarded immediately if you find any damage or other safety concerns.