Savannah Pool - Large
Savannah Pool - Large
Savannah Pool - Large


Savannah Pool - Large

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The Liewood swimming pool is perfect for water play and fun on the hot summer days out in the garden, where the kids will love splashing, and playing in the water on the warm days.

Made of :

- 100% BPA-free PVC

Details :

- CE-marked
- Dimensions: W: 150 cm x H: 25 cm
- Approximate water volume when inflated: 230 liters (70% filled)

In order to achieve an even appearance of the inflated swimming pool, kindly follow these guidelines:

Guidelines :

- We advise and warn, that children should be supervised when using the pool.
- Please use a mechanic or automatic air pump, in order to sufficiently fill the rings with air. If not fully inflated, the pools will appear irregular in shape.
- Fill the pool with water; it will help distribute the pressure alongside the walls of the pool, creating a more even appearance.

Recommended age: 3 years +

Note:Kids should not be left unattended by an adult when using the swimming pool.