Rainbow Rounds
Rainbow Rounds
Rainbow Rounds
Rainbow Rounds


Rainbow Rounds

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Rainbow Rounds combine children's love for everything round and interest in building with cubes. Rounds can ride like vehicles, but thanks to the cross-sections, they easily assemble into a tower.

Rounds are velvety, large and weighty, they are comfortable and pleasant to hold in children's hands. They envelop with a sense of comfort and set up for a calm game. Try to close your eyes and compare the tactile sensations of cubes and balls.Together, Rounds are like a palette of watercolors - different, juicy, but not bright.

A simple and versatile toy that goes well with others, such as cubes or circles.Rounds do not limit the imagination, so it is not boring to play with them and you can come up with many games.

  • handmade in Russia by third-generation carpenters
  • made from solid wood and water-based eco-friendly paint
  • dimensions: 4 x 5 x 5 cm
  • set includes: 15 pcs in different shades

Colours may differ slightly from the product images. Tree-specific spots or streaks of wood are not considered as defects as these items are made from natural wood.